Vastu Living Room Painting

Use these colours on their own or in a combination to maximize the positivity in the space. Vastu shastra how to feng shui your living room room to bring in good luck vastu paintings for living room Enthralling Wall Paintings For Living.

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Just remember to place them either in the south west or south-west side or wall of your room.

Vastu living room painting. As per vastu paintings in the bedroom should be soft and subtle. Keeping the northeast are of your living room empty and making sure that it remains clean all the time will bring in good fortune. The north zone of your space is related to money aspiration in your life.

Morning Sun projecting ultra-violet rays is essential for health. Vastu discourages hanging of pictures or artworks of weapons or wild animals as they are believed to emit negative energy. For instance not using dark colors like red and black to paint your walls in the living room not to keep your telephone in the southwest or northwest direction and making sure that you do not use a beam or girder.

Pair Radha Krishna Painting The pair of Radha and Krishna is considered to be an ideal pair. In terms of the Vastu tips in the living room some other factors have to be taken care of as well. This is because lighter tones help brighten up the mood and spread the feeling of warmth.

The color of the walls should be. A few paintings suggested by vastu shastra for bedroom are Charles Burtons Suspense Gustav Klimpts Tree of Life Almond Blossom by Vincent to name a few. These include pictures of Gods and Goddesses waterfalls or enlightened beings.

Keep square or rectangular furniture in living area and avoid circular oval or any other shape of furniture this is applicable to furniture in entire home. Also a painting of a deep path on the north wall is believed to bring endless opportunities in the career. Therefore if your living room lies in the East zone of your house a forest scene is an ideal painting for your living room as per Vastu.

You can also decorate this area using plants. Vastu however encourages pictures reflecting positive energy to be hung on the walls of the living room. As per vastu white light yellow green and blue are the best choices for the living area as they bring in a tranquil vibe.

Hanging a phoenix picture or painting on a wall will help those who had been through tough times suffered a lot in past gone through bad luck phase in life and helps to overcome the pain suffering and losses. You can also choose other nature-inspired paintings like the rising sun breaking dawn or a beautiful evening. A water-related painting enhances the earnings either through job or business.

Avoid black and red for living room walls. One of the prime reasons for following Vastu tips for creating a living room is that it helps in eradicating the negative energy brought by outsiders. White or light green are great colour options for painting the walls of the drawing room.

Placement of Carpets and Rugs According To Vastu For Living Room. The mythical story of Radha and Krishna is often quoted as a symbolic story about the power of love and devotion. Some colours bring positive energy to the living room.

White Blue Green Yellow Choose light colors over the darker ones. This is an excellent painting for the living room as per Vastu. A living room when constructed as per Vastu Shastra guidelines attracts happiness and prosperity.

Avoid painting of sun with mountain as the mountain is never recommended in solar zone according to Vastu Shastra. In the bedroom paintings of fierce animals and lonely child should be completely avoided. Avoid red or black for living area wall colors.

VASTU FOR LIVING ROOM. Place a Globe in the North-East for Knowledge. Vastu Colors For The Living Room.

If you wish to have peace and stability in your home then place a painting of a flowing river or fish in your living room. Painting of the risingsun can be displayed on the premises which doesnot have access to morning sunray. Use white light yellow blue or green colors for living room walls.

It is the main source of vitamin D.

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